Here at Source we offer a variety of beautiful rooms for hire -

for therapeutic work, holistic treatments and all forms of counselling. 

If you sign up with us, you can avail of our online booking system

as and when needed -  by the hour, half-day and so on.  

You can also avail of long-term room rental. 

Please get in touch through the menu link above.

See the rooms here on Facebook.

Hall And Waiting Area
New Waiting Area
Treatment Room
Rm 4


Sessions are available for booking online as follows:

Room 1 - One to One Talk Therapy      £20 per session      9am-3pm or 3pm-10pm 

Room 3 - One to One Talk Therapy     £10 per 75 mins 

Room 4 - One to One Talk Therapy     £20 per session      9am-1pm / 1.15 - 5.45pm / 6-10pm

Room 5 – £40 per day

Room 6 – Treatment Room (with massage table) - £10 per 75 mins