Movement Psychotherapist

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Sometimes it is difficult to express in words, how or why we are feeling a certain way.

Within group or individual sessions, Dance Movement Psychotherapy offers a way of expressing yourself through paying attention to your body, its movement, thinking and feeling, in a safe and confidential environment.

It can help anyone who wishes to improve their sense of well-being, within a creative therapeutic process. 

The aim is to promote a sense of empowerment and to facilitate development and growth in a variety of contexts including:

  • Alleviating anxiety/depression
  • Building self- confidence/esteem
  • Developing Mental/physical resilience 
  • Cultivating personal and creative potential.

No prior experience of dance or movement is necessary, just an openness to exploring your individual movement patterns.

Through guided meditation and physical movement you can begin to create an awareness of habitual patterns held in the body and the connection to your thoughts and feelings.

Exploring and opening up to different patterns and sequences of movement can help to release those limiting patterns and lead to new choices, effecting positive change in your life.

My approach focuses on the integration of the self through movement, meditation and mindfulness, fostering a balance of the body, mind and spirit."


Theresa holds an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and is also a Registered Member of ADMP UK.

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